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How to use Bluestacks

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Information How to use Bluestacks

Title :  How to use Bluestacks
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Comments How to use Bluestacks

Lou Hunt
Sounds like Chicken needs to rehearse what he wants to say in his videos. He keeps having to correct/restart himself.
Comment from : Lou Hunt

loaf of bread
instructions unclear i have 10 viruses
Comment from : loaf of bread

Jhon The Lad
I've downloaded and installed it, but when i search, find, and download a game it just downloads the installer, despite bluestacks being installed.
Comment from : Jhon The Lad

E d g o
So i had a paid game on my phone, and i want to play it on the pc. How do i do some kind of linking so i can play the paid game on my pc instead of paying to play it on the pc aswell?
Comment from : E d g o

bro after downloading
it just vanishes in thin air
pls fix

Comment from : REDSTAG ARMY

whenever i try to play the game the keys dont work unless i use my mouse with it not with keyboard
Comment from : CH0P CH0P

bro thank you I have been looking for this for about 2 months
Edit : No actually it sucks

Comment from : FaDe_RyZe22

as soon as i heard android ... and close
Comment from : YST

WME .Entertainment
blah blah blah - exactly
Comment from : WME .Entertainment

A B Films
secret nahi secure ghaday
Comment from : A B Films

Fox Banry
Super helpful thanks brother
Comment from : Fox Banry

arnav kumar
U bore me to death, and that is one of the most blunt and boring explanation mate
Comment from : arnav kumar

Useless potato
Comment from : Lam

A Nobody
I'm on the Microsoft store does it still work?
Comment from : A Nobody

rama fem
worst directing video
Comment from : rama fem

nexus planet
bro after downloading
it just vanishes in thin air
pls fix

Comment from : nexus planet

I know this an old vid but thank you my man
Comment from : MANT1S

Priyanka Boudh
How to full screen bluestaks downloded apps plz reply
Comment from : Priyanka Boudh

daniels music
isn't it a little past your bedtime.
Comment from : daniels music

,,Sorry, Bluestacks just for pc and mac." I am on PC...
Comment from : Cukinka

Colin Callan
Worst explanation of anything ever! Jerk off!
Comment from : Colin Callan

KSR tube
nice app......
Comment from : KSR tube

Showket Hussain
Comment from : Showket Hussain

Manu Hernz
I just need to know about how to classify my Apps (in folders) not to mess up the screen with too many. I don`t use Bluestacks for gaming. Any link about it?
Comment from : Manu Hernz

plzz tell me about this version
Comment from : AOUN MOHAMMAD

Working but didnt connect with play services
Comment from : AOUN MOHAMMAD

Do i have to pay it monthly?
Comment from : ItsMaryyy

ᴡᴏʟғʏ ɢɪʀʟ
I have this and i have granny game there and gacha life i want to of grany but i dont knw how to off it can someone tell me pelase! and iw ant ot turn it to a phone please tell me
Comment from : ᴡᴏʟғʏ ɢɪʀʟ

Works on me for me having a shit laptop

Comment from : Øisin

What is your name?
Comment from : DARK GAMING

Ishika Hanjabam
How to use it
Comment from : Ishika Hanjabam

anjali gautam
game has been installed but not working
how to load the game

Comment from : anjali gautam

frost knight
Nice video
What laptop are you using

And what recording software are you using

Comment from : frost knight

sumeer sultan
nice and use full
Comment from : sumeer sultan

david Kuki
It doesn't work and can't open bro
Comment from : david Kuki

Mahin Molla
Dawnloed shoep hoy kinto ata keno hoy na
Comment from : Mahin Molla

Rimsha Mehar
mujhe help chahiye meri bluestack work nai kar rahi
Comment from : Rimsha Mehar

Min_ Ereu
wtf link
Comment from : Min_ Ereu

Help me! I installed a game and it wont open i mean about that is it's just stuck in the loading screen of the game then it will crash please help.
Comment from : Joshlada

im getting a laptop soo....I wanna play PIXEL WORLD on it!!!

Sorry JadaYT IWas Copy Any :D

Comment from : XxGuestxX_1337

Leethegamer Gamer
How set it up
Comment from : Leethegamer Gamer

John Smith
pubg free for mobile so you know im gonna paly it on my laptop
Comment from : John Smith

Ronit Jangra
he take a sign in bluestacks
Comment from : Ronit Jangra

is there any way to run it portrait ?, im trying to use it for whattsapp but dont want 720 screen
Comment from : olipitt12

Comment from : BILAL AHMED

kim gaming
the app if i click the popup is only black
Comment from : kim gaming

abhi khan
Comment from : abhi khan

sai sadhu
hai bro i need a help tell the downloaded game where it will save and tell wether we can play it even after the wifi is off....
Comment from : sai sadhu

thats not a link thats just the base website name
Comment from : V3nison

nithi nedu
not working
Comment from : nithi nedu

Jada YT
Im getting a laptop soo.... I wanna play ROBLOX on it!!!
Comment from : Jada YT

rohit kumar
Comment from : rohit kumar

bishal lama
in my bluestacks it will not show apps
Comment from : bishal lama

raja sharma
my bluestake is not

Comment from : raja sharma

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