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Bluestacks 4 is a huge improvement over previous versions for playing PUBG Mobile on PC. It's worth a try! Let me know what else you'd like to see in future videos. 👍
Comment from : PlayRoider

its unavailable in 2020
Comment from : Personic_fortune

Devyansh Choudhary
Hey man great video but can i run it?
Amd-A8 7100 3.6ghz
4gb ram
Inbuild graphics card

Comment from : Devyansh Choudhary

khurshid alam
how do u get out of vehicle ?
Comment from : khurshid alam

Can i run ? Specs :
Intel Pentium CPU 2117U
4Gb Ram

Comment from : MFadhil

Softwer Master Qadeer indher
Bahi no graphics card
Comment from : Softwer Master Qadeer indher

I love you bro! Thnx you made my Iso less boring lol!😂😂
Comment from : QU3N0'S WRLD

There was a problem parasing package plz help
Comment from : ABHAY BHANGU

best amno
2gb ram 32 bit laptop go?? yess?
Comment from : best amno

Muhammad Hasaan
WOW, bro!!! Today, I am able to play PUBG just because of you!!!
Comment from : Muhammad Hasaan

Mohamed Stars__محمد ستار

HP i3core 2.4Ghz
4Go ram
Windows 8.1 64bits
Can i play pubg ??

Comment from : Mohamed Stars__محمد ستار

Thank you
Comment from : BEAST GAMER

Mrinal Sharma
There's no advanced settings option on mac.
Comment from : Mrinal Sharma

Mrinal Sharma
I can't use the keyboard controls. Need help.
Comment from : Mrinal Sharma

Arjun Trap
it worked bro
Comment from : Arjun Trap

My BlueStacks is stuck at installing engine at 94%

Tachi 「Shixo」
need help cuz my google play store tells me to sign i have no acc:<
Comment from : Tachi 「Shixo」

bahi playstore sa download krna ka bad apk file b download krna zrori ha?
Comment from : Songs

yeah but how are you gonna scroll down to check more items in box or picking up
Comment from : King

udayan mazumder
You are amazing thanks
Comment from : udayan mazumder

Gursaab Bhullar
mere jab mai pubg laptop mai on karata hu tu free space up ka notice a jata hai tu ki kara
Comment from : Gursaab Bhullar

Smit Chauhan
I can run battelfield v in medium settings without lagging i suppose to run this game at ultra HD instead of that I run this game on lowest settings and it's also laging all around what is this?
Comment from : Smit Chauhan

Abou X
what about th left clic a got a problem with it
Comment from : Abou X

dost muhammad
i am thanking you now i download it and i start it to play
i really not believe that it tarts
thanks bro like button and subscribe button work really:)

Comment from : dost muhammad

Rajesh Deshmukh
thank you so much
Comment from : Rajesh Deshmukh

Erjon Kukleci
thank brother
Comment from : Erjon Kukleci

Jordan De Guzman
how to adust zoom in and out of the 8x scope?
Comment from : Jordan De Guzman

Yellow Bird
I got banned...
Comment from : Yellow Bird

Biggest warning: setting same keymap for more than 5 places will get you banned for 10 years for hacking.......take my advice and don't exceed same key 3 times
Comment from : FriskyRisks

Deadman Agent 47
I can't even enter the training room. It says the match server did not respond. Even tho I've tried all the servers. I've just wasted my time.😠👿
Comment from : Deadman Agent 47

R.N Pal
Thanku broo very much love you
Comment from : R.N Pal

Amateur Devil Player
bro it is stuck on loading screen
Comment from : Amateur Devil Player

whis is requriements of bluestacs 4???
Comment from : FOURFIGHTERS

Kings GamingYT
core i3 2ndgen 1gb card nvidia quadro 600 6gb ram can run me
Comment from : Kings GamingYT

film group india
Sir mera too log in nahi ho raha kya karu?
Comment from : film group india

Tarikul Islam
can anyone exit from the car in bluestacks ?
Comment from : Tarikul Islam

Sudesh Gupta
Can we connect it with Android phone
Comment from : Sudesh Gupta

Febin Steephen
Comment from : Febin Steephen

Sardar Arshad
you really help me friend thank you!!
Comment from : Sardar Arshad

I hate the music but thanks for all details
Comment from : MAULIK TIWARI

you are doing hard work bro god bless you
Comment from : *PHANTOM*

Sikandar Ali
Bhai Aim and shoot kis saa kr rha tha app
Comment from : Sikandar Ali

Lost Beatz
i feel bad for the peeps who bought the game on steam XD
Comment from : Lost Beatz

Angelina Peace
dont download this apps on pc this is only one virus can make demages for pc jangan dowmload virus ni
Comment from : Angelina Peace

Mr. dank
keeps on crashing on me
Comment from : Mr. dank

Mr. dank
will it save my data if i delete?
Comment from : Mr. dank

Vlad Dumitrescu
how can i fcking shoot with leftclick
Comment from : Vlad Dumitrescu

Rinrina Zuala
After doing all of the above instructions...when i enter PUBG, it is written that my device does'nt support it, why? is it because of low storage? HELP PLEASE!!!
Comment from : Rinrina Zuala

umarshah gamer&techno
bai ye jo hai nai chal rha pubg ka koi dosra tarika nai plz bai main pubg ka shokeen hoin plz help
Comment from : umarshah gamer&techno

tu chutya kat rah logo la ye jo video me version hai vo purna hai new version ye sab nahi kar sakte

الأذب إلانجليزي 🇲🇦
Very Helpful video:
Thanks a lot

Comment from : الأذب إلانجليزي 🇲🇦

Why i cant change CPU cores, i have gtx 1070 and ryzen 5 2600
Comment from : Jimbob343

mouzzam shahbaz
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Comment from : mouzzam shahbaz

Comment from : SOURABH GAMING

Thanks, I have an rx580 16GB ram running very smoothly
Comment from : Ibellamy58

HeaLe Z
How to increase mouse sensitivities
Comment from : HeaLe Z

thx bro so much
Comment from : heheboi6000

Hopelass Gaming
Guys.. there is no pubg on my bluestack.. on pubg lite.. can anyone help
Comment from : Hopelass Gaming

Bobby Singh
its not work
Comment from : Bobby Singh

Gamer Ash
Is this also available for mac
Comment from : Gamer Ash

Phillip Thawng
Is there emulator detect?
Comment from : Phillip Thawng

Seby 0906
It doesn't work
After downloading it only says starting pubg mobile... And nothing more happens and i waited 10mins

Comment from : Seby 0906

My mouse can't been seen during playing clash of clans? Any help ?
Comment from : DR. DEDA

your specs
Comment from : fiftyfivefab

Sabir Kadri
Bhai mere pc me mene es file explorer downlod kya magar usme android ka folder hi nhi aa raha plz help bhai 😭😭😭
Comment from : Sabir Kadri

Muhammad Ramzan Ali
It's not working.
When I change shooting moge from F1 to Ctrl it was not working.
So,what can I do Brother.

Comment from : Muhammad Ramzan Ali

Bawiha Hruaia
i can not set the fire button.. i cant use left button
Comment from : Bawiha Hruaia

My pc is 2gb ram can it work on my pc
Comment from : HINDI MOVIES

Drew Figuero
i cant shoot nothing i have everything setup but i cant use my left click to shoot
Comment from : Drew Figuero

Charlie's Fun
is it emulator detected or mobile detected ?
Comment from : Charlie's Fun

Haris Hassan Tv
good job bro
Comment from : Haris Hassan Tv

Zain Allaudin
Meri bhi 1 core hi bta raha tha isi liye mere pubg tu load hoye lakin start wali option dubane ke baad wali loading screen lagta hai stuck ho gye aur match start nahi hoa
Mein ne kafi dher intizaar kiya magar koi faida na hoa.

Please reply!
I have 4 gb ram
320 gb space
Core I3 first generation

Can i play it.

Comment from : Zain Allaudin

Mitch Dias
Thank you 🙏
Comment from : Mitch Dias

Rana raghvendra
Thks bro for great help thku so mch love u bro keep it up i will support u every time ❤️
Comment from : Rana raghvendra

wow I've been wasting hours to download from play store but it doesn't then I found there's an APK from the official website so thanks
Comment from : Toxic

Thanks yarr tune itni help kri
Comment from : REON GAMING

Vukasin Milojevic
Comment from : Vukasin Milojevic

Arslan Ahmed
Thank you you're the best of the GR eatest
Comment from : Arslan Ahmed

Ganesh Singh
Comment from : Ganesh Singh

Alpha 1 Gaming
In My Emulator Player Didn't Going Over the Window
Every time I Have To Go Through The DooR
Any Solutions ???

Comment from : Alpha 1 Gaming

bluestacks 4 doesnt get simulator detection ? ?
Comment from : aSum

Gaming Zone
my pubg on blustacks looks like shit HELP ME
Comment from : Gaming Zone

Keshab Karmacharya
it is better than gameloop
Comment from : Keshab Karmacharya

SOUŁ々 Striker
bro help me i could not controll dpad its work only with mouse my player is run with mouse why please help me
Comment from : SOUŁ々 Striker


i love you

Comment from : MOHAMED SAID

Comment from : 乃卂乃卂ㄚ卂G卂『NB』

Hot Dawg
No ban for my old mobile acc?
Comment from : Hot Dawg

Varun Ghuge
Thanks bro
Comment from : Varun Ghuge

bro made a granny 2 video
Comment from : THE-A-A- GAMERS

Guy George
Bhai mera pass he....
Rysez5 2400G
8bgb ram
Asus ex A320M gaming MB..
Wil it run smooth thru this emulatr

Comment from : Guy George

Studio Medieval Production
man when i press f1 it lags like hell man !!! i have 8 cores set in bluesteack4 and 4 gb ram please help !
Comment from : Studio Medieval Production

thanks, i like you
Comment from : pr1sm

Szy Mek
what button was to exit car or motorycle
Comment from : Szy Mek

jsk gaming Lohar
Thanks bhi tene jese key mene bhe ase key mere pubg dawunlod ho gaye
Comment from : jsk gaming Lohar

arun kumar
is for 2gb ram it works
Comment from : arun kumar

bro I have installed on a laptop but I can't play with my friends they are installed on the smartphone. is it possible to play pubg on a laptop with mobile installers?
Comment from : MAHESH Dts

i am trubling to oppen pub g bro
please help me

Comment from : AZEEM SHEIKH

bhai help me please
Comment from : AZEEM SHEIKH

Hey people. Please never play pubg mobile from bluestacks cause you are getting matchmaked with android players. Download tencent gaming buddy instead plz
Comment from : Jimonus

pubg litee k liye banao
Comment from : GamingIFFY

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