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100 Mobile Games in 10 Minutes

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Information 100 Mobile Games in 10 Minutes

Title :  100 Mobile Games in 10 Minutes
Lasting :   10.01
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Comments 100 Mobile Games in 10 Minutes

Comment from : broofsdrums

0:37 Name Of Game Please :')
Comment from : GiovanLol

Édgar Granados
0:38 name?
Comment from : Édgar Granados

Broo i love miami night !!
Comment from : Chroxyte

Donald the steam engine
2:43 the name of the game
Comment from : Donald the steam engine

Donald the steam engine
I haved the first one
Comment from : Donald the steam engine

Mrs Laifu
Guys whats the name of that game on motorola where u was on a corridor maze and had to find the elevator
Comment from : Mrs Laifu

Who's watching this in 2007?
Comment from : NeverSaySandwich1

geonbae geonbae my child!
My childhood was golden.
Comment from : geonbae geonbae my child!

freddy Fen
If someone wants to relive these memories on your Android,IOS, just if you can't find your Nokia here's how you can play the games:a Java Emulator called J2ME Loader which you can download from Google Play for free
Comment from : freddy Fen

freddy Fen
My favorite mobile games were: Bounce Tales, Burnout,Rally Stars, Tower Bloxx, Diamond Rush and one demolition derby game that I can't remember and also a Toy Story game I can't remember...
Comment from : freddy Fen

Log Bustos
Sonic Jump (?
Comment from : Log Bustos

Alexis Alderete
What name the game 5:00 ?
Comment from : Alexis Alderete

Caique Goulart
some one remember the name of a game, that was a yoyo kid, that was 2d platformer, and had some caves in the background, that was used to buy some better yoyo or just hidde from monsters?

FOUND IT, ITS NAME IS ''' FORGOTTEN warrior", if u was LF that game for ages, as i was.... there u go.... XD

Comment from : Caique Goulart

Alex Shuysky
1:25 Gosh I forget this Sims game exsist lmao
Comment from : Alex Shuysky

Marlon Rivera
5:48 game?
Comment from : Marlon Rivera

My childhood java gameloft
Comment from : A Y

x marta
You haven't searched for this
Comment from : x marta

KodzzTrue HC
9:36 name of that Mario
Comment from : KodzzTrue HC

OMG. I need my CK13i back!
Comment from : TNT

Much thing to remember! Thank you! ^
Comment from : Apple

LittleGamer 17
9:07 game? Como se llama?
Comment from : LittleGamer 17

Old games
Comment from : DJ DILO

Darka 5
In case if you want to play Java games on your modern phone I highly recommend J2ME Loader and if you want the full Jar (ROMs) I recommend internet archive which has all Java games
Comment from : Darka 5

I used to play a game in my dads phone where u completed tasks like a skate park I wish I knew what’s the name
Comment from : J R

I want to play #24 game again and ik its luxor
Comment from : SuperMarioTyler

Tukiran &tarsinah
Aku suka game dulu ngangenin
Comment from : Tukiran &tarsinah

Kasper Dalbeth
Can anyone remember like a game and your in a dungeon and uhm it’s a 8 bit game I don’t remember much since I was a kid but reply me the game of you know or list me some
Comment from : Kasper Dalbeth

b money
please, i'm trying to find this one game that had something to do with a club.. if I remember correctly the game was about maintaining the club HELLPPP
Comment from : b money

Robert Robi
6:32 Game??
Comment from : Robert Robi

Android shit
Comment from : Done

Tengo que volver
Comment from : Done

Mohammed Jemal
Me: Son do you know java games
Son: What the heck is Java game

Comment from : Mohammed Jemal

Mohammed Jemal
Whose Here in 2020
Comment from : Mohammed Jemal

Xe Ôm
9:08 game
Comment from : Xe Ôm

ニコロ・ウーNicolo U-U
7:00 what game?
Comment from : ニコロ・ウーNicolo U-U

ニコロ・ウーNicolo U-U
Im starting to search the name of the game I 9layed, its like a quest game or r9g, you have to save a woman in the last moments of the game tho, you have to kill her( I dont remember much of it bc you know, its old). The woman transformed to a demon i think then you have to defeat her to save her
Comment from : ニコロ・ウーNicolo U-U

First game was my favorite game
Comment from : CENGİZ HAN

Sebastian 128
Yo vi este video porque tengo un sony erison
Comment from : Sebastian 128

2:53 whats that game called?
Comment from : Morkius

The Authentic
i am looking for a 2d game with mafia dogs in a city fighting with pistols and you are a dog and you fight other dogs maybe if anyone knows anything a bout the titlte of the game....it means a lot for me :")
Comment from : The Authentic

Anil Kumar Kumar
Comment from : Anil Kumar Kumar

HOLY SHIT! The Nostalgia of java games:)

I love it:)

Comment from : Shadow78

Legendary Dominator
I have nearly played almost 70 games out of this given 100 games😍and many other games like call of duty,Aqua dig,red bull x,immortals ,spiderman 3,1vs 100,high school dissing,spy hunter,splinter cell games,crime files.....and the list goes on and on..I really miss those golden days😥😏
Comment from : Legendary Dominator

Stonegames301 GD and more
How to resume my childhood


Comment from : Stonegames301 GD and more

Flaming Arrow
I expected Civilization V : The mobile game to reserve a seat , but guess it was only me
Comment from : Flaming Arrow

2:43 I remember playing this on my moms phone when I was bored.
Comment from : Kuji

RJ L. Wong
Well i sure download these games and play on J2ME Loader for Android. ;)
Comment from : RJ L. Wong

Muttakin Ahmed
who watching 2019?
Comment from : Muttakin Ahmed

Martin Ružička
Nice list , but without Fishlabs games ? Where is Rally master pro , Galaxy on fire 1 and 2 ?
Comment from : Martin Ružička

Daniextremo :v
4:22 There was an AT game for those phones??!
Oh god, wtf is wrong with me :'v

Comment from : Daniextremo :v

Jhon Lloyd Gonzales
Comment from : Jhon Lloyd Gonzales

Hayden XVX
Remember the days when all 3D games just had to put 3D in their name

Yeah lots of low quality back then but some were fun

Now you have high quality but garbage

And a few good quality and good games

Comment from : Hayden XVX

Is this an out-of-season April Fools joke?
Comment from : FagBagMegee

Tuhin Parkerson
Gameloft! The god of java games
Comment from : Tuhin Parkerson

Izayoi X Amv
I remember these days kidz these day don't know sht about good times
Comment from : Izayoi X Amv

5:25 what game is that again? GOD I LOVE THAT
Comment from : GGgamErzz

Khoi Nguyen
Comment from : Khoi Nguyen

Mekibos Zuvorg
Aria and dawn of sorrow still my favorite😁
Comment from : Mekibos Zuvorg

Glorious 240fps
the title should be - 100 java mobile games
Comment from : Glorious 240fps

OpsSu FC
6:32 what game ? Please help
Comment from : OpsSu FC

2:44 the one i play when i was 8 years old im 16 now btw
Comment from : Mevee

Dradon Official
I remember when there were the life games
Ninja Life
Werewolf Life
Zombie Life
Vampire life

Now I cant even find at least a pictre of it :(

Comment from : Dradon Official

Creative World
Diamond rush, bounce tales , city bloxx, pacman😊😊
Comment from : Creative World

Fariz Darmawan
All Java games?
Comment from : Fariz Darmawan

Aji Fauzi
2019 everyone?
Comment from : Aji Fauzi

MGP 06
I miss those days when game were like this and touchphones were like the iPhone X of the old days
Comment from : MGP 06

Sebas Pulga
Que buenos recuerdos :')
Comment from : Sebas Pulga

Haz SF
Times where you could play for hours and there wasn't any annoying add or pay to win ❤
Comment from : Haz SF

Maçã Verde
02:54 kkkkkkkkkkk
Comment from : Maçã Verde

YT Anonymity
Now this is the real fun Mobile game content. Not like what Tencent, Moonton, Netease, Super Cell and any other modern mobile game devs bullshit made today !!! Gameloft now is not a Gameloft that they used to be anymore where they delivered fun mobile game out there. Jar game like this will always define what mobile games are
Comment from : YT Anonymity

only OG's will remember playing sudoku on their Nokia flip phones
Comment from : IronDizaster

You missed diamond Rush 😂

Internet2009 - Roblox and Roblox!
i remember playing that tall tower building game thingy
Comment from : Internet2009 - Roblox and Roblox!

7:20 please tell me the name
Comment from : Magnus

Vigo Vampiro
don't forget tenchu ayame tale and fishlab's games
Comment from : Vigo Vampiro

Lim Sovanndara
I miss that old day
And these are all the reasons I wear glasses

Comment from : Lim Sovanndara

Diana Jimenez
I remember this game I played on my flip phone where you had to sing and dance to upgrade you apartment, the character's name was neso I think? I don't remember :")
Comment from : Diana Jimenez

Ahmdmaulna Channel
I mostly played game that showed in this video and it makes me feel nostalgic
Comment from : Ahmdmaulna Channel

Aldo Ortiz
2:12 This fking game was so fun, oh the memories, java games were the best back then, i had so much great times
Comment from : Aldo Ortiz

i miss this so much :( my childhood good bye nokia symbial good bye sefan.ru
Comment from : QuaanBeos〰

Pol's wig
Oh boy I remembered playing Asphalt, Real Football, Jewel Quest and Bobby Carrot.
Comment from : Pol's wig

Phá đảo game
6:21, 7:52 game??? Please!!!
Comment from : Phá đảo game

Nmms, hasta podía correr el megaman 2 :0
Comment from : 【Ysah】

Crime City at 3:48 was one of my most played cellphone games. It was amazing
Comment from : JoshSA123

Sanyok Limbu
Take me back
Comment from : Sanyok Limbu

atokz nenekz
I love that monkey game
Comment from : atokz nenekz

Wahyu Virgiavan
3:06 > 31. Platinum Mahjong
Comment from : Wahyu Virgiavan

Kirky DKD
Good ol days. But fyi Kingdomhearts here is just a modded from a game.. i forgot the title but it still good playing it using my ericsson k300i and nokia c206
Comment from : Kirky DKD

I cry
Comment from : Mpyran

Jamie Teo
tetris revolution is the best one, it got achiement, a lot ofstage to unlock
Comment from : Jamie Teo

Fikri Muhammad
Ancient empires 2...?
Comment from : Fikri Muhammad

Fozia Yasmeen
2:40 game?
Comment from : Fozia Yasmeen

Trần Chiến
9:30 game ?
Comment from : Trần Chiến

Nico Cassano
When I see pes 2010...
Comment from : Nico Cassano

surf up
Game on phone this day can't compare to java game for real
Comment from : surf up

Влад Титов
Comment from : Влад Титов

12 years old today cant survive playing ONLY these games
Comment from : NoiR

Back when mobile games is meant to be enjoyable not wasting money on microtransaction
Comment from : Ganerio

prod. adrian
Back when mobile games were good :(
Comment from : prod. adrian

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